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A Python Developer is responsible for writing server-side web applications. There is a high demand & excellent career opportunities for Python developers in India. Python in high demand as a programming language for Data Science. A graduate can easily learn this programming language and can get good career opportunities in Indian market.

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Python Syllabus

Getting Started with Python
  • Introducing Python
  • Installing Python on Windows
  • Introducing Python IDLE as Pycharm
Python datatypes
  • Numeric
  • String
  • List, Tuple and dictionary
  • Functions specified for datatypes
Object-Oriented Python
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Python
  • Creating Classes, Methods and Objects
  • Using Constructor and Attributes
  • Using Class Attributes and Static Methods
  • Understanding Object Encapsulation
  • Private Attributes and Methods
  • Controlling Attribute Access
  • Creating and Accessing Properties
  • Combining Objects
  • Using Inheritance to Create New Classes
  • Altering Behavior of Inherited Methods
  • Understanding Polymorphism
Flow Control in Python
  • The if-else Statement
  • The while Statement
  • The for statement
  • The CASE class
File Input and Output and Exceptions
  • The open Function
  • Input from Text Files
  • Output to Text Files
  • Storing Complex Data in Files with Pickles
  • Using Arguments and Defaults Parameters
  • Using Global Variables and Constants
  • Variable Scope
  • Using Modules in Programs
  • Use pip to install new modules
  • Writing Modules
  • Importing Modules
  • Using Imported Functions and Modules
Database Handling
  • Python MySQL Database Access
  • Create Database Connection
  • DML and DDL Operations with Databases
  • Performing Transactions
  • Handling Database Errors
  • Disconnecting Database
  • Multithreading with Python
  • What is multithreading?
  • Starting a New Thread
  • The Threading Module
  • Synchronizing Threads
Graphical Application Development
  • Examining A GUI
  • Understanding Event Driven Programming
  • Introduction to Tkinter Module
  • Using Root Window
  • Creating Frames
  • Using Labels and Buttons
  • GUI Programs with Classes
  • Binding Widgets and Event Handlers
  • Using Text and Entry Widgets
  • Using the Grid Layout Manager
  • Using Check and Radio Buttons

Python Project

  • ERP system using tkinter

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